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2minutes walk from Yakuin-Odori station in chuou-ku,Fukuoka,Japan.

Ayurveda aesthetic salon & school RAMA

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RAMA provides anti-aging and rejuvenation Ayurvedic detox treatments.

We also deliver training in various oil massage techniques (Ayurveda, Slimming, Aromatherapy).

The salon is exclusively for women and is by appointment only. 

For enquiries and booking please email Ume.


Salon Menu


  • Detox

  • Rejuvenate

  • Relaxing

Ayurveda Whole Body Oil Treatment.

Herb oil is applied to the whole body and absorbed beneath the skin. Waste and toxins are then sweated out, cleaning and purifying the whole body.

(Abhyanga Treatment ⇒ Heat-mat Sauna ⇒ Shower)

  • 60 minutes 7,900 yen (without Heat-mat Sauna & shower)

  • 90 minutes 11,900 yen

  • 120 minutes 13,900 yen
  • ​150 minutes  16,900 yen
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  • Sleep Well!

  • Recover from exhaustion

  • Improve concentration

Shirodhara is a powerful Ayurveda treatment known as a "brain massage".

Application of a warm liquid solution to your forehead produces a profoundly deep meditative relaxation.  

(Shoulder and Head Massage ⇒ Shirodhara Treatment ⇒ Shower)

  • 60 minutes 5,980 yen (with milk) (This is a discounted price for customers who provide reviews.)

  • 60 minutes 7,900 yen (with herb solution)

  • 60 minutes 11,000 yen (with sesame oil)



  • Feel fresh, light and alive!

  • Sleep well

  • Improve concentration

  • Detox from head to toe!


Combines Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatments.

Thoroughly detox the whole body from the scalp to the soles of the feet.

(Abhyanga Treatment ⇒ Heat mat Sauna ⇒ Shirodhara Treatment ⇒ Shower)

※ For the best results (deep relaxation), RAMA recommends using Sesame oil.

Milk solution

120 minutes 15,900 yen (This is a discounted price for customers who provide reviews.)
150 minutes 17,900 yen (This is a discounted price for customers who provide reviews.)

Herb solution
120 minutes 16,900 yen
150 minutes 18,900 yen

Sesame oil
120 minutes 17,900 yen
150 minutes 19,900 yen


  • Slimming

  • Rejuvenating

  • Relaxing

The massage is delivered with a smooth, warm piece of birch wood. 

It accesses the blockages in the body, producing outstanding slimming results and deep relaxation.

(Treatment ⇒ Heat-mat Sauna ⇒ Shower)

RAMA offers a special initial trial price for this treatment:

  • 90 minutes half body  8,900 yen

  • 120 minutes whole body  12,000 yen

  • 150 minutes whole body 15,000 yen



  • Slimming

  • Improve body shape and tone!


Garshana is an Ayurveda slimming massage done with silk gloves and no oil (dry). It results in a slimmer body and improves body shape. This famous technique was mastered by us at the salon where it was developed.

(Slimming Massage ⇒ Heat mat Sauna ⇒ Shower)

  • 90 minutes 13,000 yen

  • 120 minutes 17,000 yen



  • Clear your mind

  • Feel fresh and light

  • Relieve stress

Are you stressed because you spend all day on your PC or smartphone? Then this head massage is for you!

We experience all our senses in our head, so regular care  through this kind of head massage is vital for our wellbeing. Your face will be brighter and you will feel lighter through this treatment!

  • 20 minutes 2,500 yen (only head massage)

  • 45 minutes 4,900 yen (your choice of oil treatment & Head Massage)

  • 60 minutes 7,900 yen (your choice of oil treatment & Head Massage)


Most popular bridal aesthetic treatment!

Ultrasonic & Medium Frequency Slimming treatment & Power Tree

  • Slimming

  • Improve body shape and tone!

  • Ideal for wedding or special event preparation


This treatment delivers fast slimming and body toning results. It is great when you need to look good for that wedding, photo shoot, or  special event.


Cellulite (waste fat), is difficult to loosen by hand massage alone. This treatment first loosens the body waste by ultrasonic treatment and then the body is toned by Power Tree massage (a massage delivered with a smooth, warm piece of birch wood). The Heat-mat Sauna and shower then removes the waste from the body and you are left looking slim and great!

(Ultrasonic & medium frequency applied to the area of concern ⇒ power tree ⇒ Heat-mat Sauna sweating ⇒ shower )

  • 90 minutes 12,900 yen (one area of concern: arms, back, etc.)

  • 120 minutes 15,900 yen

  • 150 minutes 18,900 yen



  • Firmer, brighter, younger skin


Through your choice of ultrasonic and/or hand massage and facial, your face is rejuvenated and your skin is left brighter, firmer and younger looking. The treatment drains the lymphatic blockages that cause aging and leaves your skin firm and glowing.


Lift and facial treatment with hand and moisturizing pack for 60 minutes. This can be preceded by a 30 minute ultrasonic (low / medium frequency)  lift, and finishing with a collagen pack for a light and fine skin.

(90 minutes course including ultrasonic waves ⇒ shoulder&neck massage ⇒ facial massage ⇒ collagen pack)

60 minutes 7,000 yen (facial massage without ultrasonic.)
90 minutes 11,500 yen (ultrasonic & facial massage)



  • The ultimate treatment for looking and feeling your best!

  • Whole Body Treatment

  • Body Oil Treatment (Your choice of: Abhyanga, Ayurveda slimming or Power Tree) + Facial + Head Massage

  • Perfect if you:

    • REALLY (!) need  de-stress and relax

    • deserve to reward yourself

    • need to look great before a wedding or event


This combines three services to create a package that is slimming and deeply relaxing. You will look and feel great after this treatment!

(Body Treatment ⇒ Heat Mat Sauna ⇒ Shower ⇒ Facial ⇒ Head Massage)

120 minutes 19,000 yen
150 minutes 25,000 yen

※ These timings do not include shower time, so please allow additional time for the shower.


  • Cleanse your internal organs

  • Improve digestion

  • Improve immunity

  • Reduce swelling from injuries

  • No massage


Are you exhausted and run down? This simple oil treatment is a wonderful liver detox. Recommended by Edgar Cayce, this treatment helps with digestion and reduces swelling in injured joints.

The treatment involves the application of an oil compress. The compress can be taken with you and re-used afterwards.

60 minutes 7,000 yen (Lying down with a Castor Oil compress applied. No massage.)

※ If you wish, you can apply a 10-minute abdominal treatment of castor oil for 1,000 yen.



(Only available if you with another body treatment)

◆ Treatment extension (10 minutes)1,000 yen
◆ Facial lymphatic drainage (15 minutes) 1,800 yen (without cleansing)
◆ Body ultrasonic treatment (one location)  (20 minutes) 3,800 yen
◆ Herb decoction Shirodhara (30 minutes) 6,000 yen
◆ Sesame oil Shirodhara (30 minutes) 8,000 yen

◆ Collagen Pack 1,800 yen

◆ Ultrasonic facial treatment (20 minutes) 3,800 yen (including cleansing)

※ Credit card payments are subject to a 5% service charge. There is no fee for cash.






  • Ayurveda Beauty Salon & School RAMA Representative

  • AMAJ Ayurveda Medical Associates Japan Vice President

  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor (Japan Ayurveda School)

  • Studio Yoggy Fukuoka Ayurveda Lecturer

  • Indian Government Certified Yoga Therapist (YTIC)

  • Aroma therapist

At RAMA,  I will help you detox your mind and body through Ayurvedic treatments tailored to your condition.
You will leave feeling lighter in body and mind. You will feel renewed, recharged and more fully yourself!

I look forward to seeing and working with you!


Fukuoka, Japan.


am9:00~pm9:00, No fixed holidays.



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